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logistics thumbnailEnsure the success of your meeting or celebration with event logistics and security from our company in Atlanta, Georgia. At Event Management Group, we have 15 years of experience so we have the skills to give you peace of mind about safety at your gathering.

Client Services
Receive the best in event and security consultation with service from our company. Our dedicated event consultants provide highly effective approaches to delivering value through our extensive knowledge and expertise.

Risk Assessment
Risk assessment is a comprehensive study of the hazards that have the potential for causing property loss at an event and the effective measures, both public and private, which have the potential for reducing the loss. This assessment usually includes an attempt to quantify the level of risk at the event. One example is the prediction of probable maximum loss or PML.

Emergency Medical Services
Prevent loss of life at your event with emergency medical services. Having EMS on-site during your next event could make the difference between life and death.

Crowd Management
Crowd management is the creative management of people with an applied systematic approach. It results into a better bottom line for our client and a more enjoyable experience for the event ticket holder.

Other Services
We will lift your burden about all your logistics concerns for:

  • Audio-Visual Support
  • Event Staffing
  • Booking & Venue
  • Transportation

Benefits of Working with Us:

  • Maximized Attendance Accountability
  • Reduction in Unsafe Situations
  • Pre-Show Site Inspections
  • Complete On-Site Floor Management
  • Better Venue Management

Safety Training – Make your staff more knowledgeable and effective participants in your event with safety training from EMG.

Design and ConsultingEMG has experience analyzing and handling a wide range of situations and designing cost effective solutions to effectively support your business operations against losses.

Contact us for services that save you time and effort on your event management and security.

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